Children at beach with sunlight in background.
Children’s Mental Health Awareness
By Jessica Shrieve, MA, LPC

Children’s Mental Health Awareness – Many times when a child is acting out people around them may think they are just “being bad” or the parents don’t know how to control their child. Several years ago I attended a training where a rephrasing of this idea really stuck with me. An outburst from a child is the result of an unmet need. How can this idea be helpful in looking at the behavior of children?

When we can look at behavioral issues from a place of how to help a child rather than how to punish them, it can really change the way we interact with children. As a parent, caregiver or important person in the life of a child we all have the opportunity on a regular basis to positively affect the mental health of children. Family therapy can be a gateway to positive and long lasting influence on how children view and approach their own mental health. Helping kids to learn that talking with someone when we are struggling to figure things out on our own or even when we just want to keep things going in a positive direction can be a tool they use for a lifetime. 

So whether you feel your child could use some help, you could use a place to process how difficult parenting can be or everyone in the family could use some support please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help.